Get the COMPLETE athlete testing solution.


State-of-the-art measurement technology and integrated data management delivers the most accurate, efficient and easy-to-use testing and training system on the market.


Take your training and testing to the next level with the most reliable , easy-to-use timing gates on the market. Rugged, rechargeable, wireless Sport Gates™ use Sport ID™ scanning and Core Capture™ technology to ensure swift processing and trusted, standardized measurement that eliminates hand breaks. Deliver incredibly accurate real-time results across sport. Field tested by leading sport authorities, professional teams and amateur testing sessions of all sizes, Sport Gates™ are the essential measurement hardware that integrates seamlessly with Sport Testing’s unique live and online reporting. Flexible test and drill creation makes innovation easy. Real-time processing provides instant feedback. Quick Sport Gate™ set up and automated test station management with any tablet or smartphone and your onsite Sport Hub™ makes combines time and cost effective so you can deliver the benefits of sport-specific, standardized benchmarking to athletes, coaches, trainers and scouts.

Unmatched Flexibility

Why be limited to a mandated expensive hand unit to run your system? Browser based Sport Hub™ software allows you to quickly create a wireless data collection network with any combination of PCs, iPads, other tablets and even smart phones.

Global Standard

Now athletes can compete individually in sport-specific skill and fitness metrics. Designed with leading experts, Global Standard tests allow apples-to apples comparison with aggregated anonymous data collected from Certifed Sport Testers.

Sport Gate™ Highlights

  • Impact and water resistant
  • Millisecond accuracy
  • Core Capture™ algorithm
  • Multi-lane capable
  • Instant feedback
  • Wireless system integration
  • Reaction test directional arrows
  • Rechargeable 24-hour battery life
  • Superbright LED indicators
  • Continuous synchronization
  • Enclosed digital infoscreen
  • Versatile test creation for all sports


Sport ID™ is essential automated athlete identification that integrates with Sport Hub™. Use it to efficiently and accurately process up to thousands of athletes in a single day of testing.

Sport ID includes:

  • Rechargeable, wireless RFID scanner
  • Rubberized, reusable RFID bands
  • USB RFID scanner for PC (to assign a unique RFID number to each athlete)

Athletes scan in at each test station. The system immediately identifies the athlete and his/her test result is automatically recorded. Set it and forget it simplicity allows coaches to add automated testing stations to training sessions – without need for supervision. Instant ID allows real-time scoreboards to enhance motivation.

Pre-assign Sport ID bands using athlete manager before the combine or use Sport Hub to activate a Sport ID band for a walk-up athlete, just minutes before a test session.


Provide a pro-combine experience while saving mind-numbing hours processing hand-recorded results and merging different spreadsheets. Sport Hub™ is the simple network solution that makes recording results fast, efficient and more accurate. Connect any number of browser-enabled devices to manage your testing. Eliminate errors with photo ID and provide instant feedback via live Scoreboards and individualized reports for athletes sent immediately after the event, not days later.

Unexpected arrivals? No problem. Use Sport Hub™ quick registration to take a photo, enter athlete details and process fees minutes before the event. Quickly configure your network and test stations, no internet required. The Sport Hub™ user interface is so intuitively simple, just a few minutes training is required for new staff to be able to supervise an auto-reporting or manual entry test station. At the end of the session, one-button upload sends all data to your Athlete Manager account.


Real Time Scoreboard

Sport Hub™ gives instant feedback via dynamic, customizable leaderboards on any TV, tablet or monitor using wired or wireless connection.

  • Single test, summary and multi-lane display
  • On-deck athlete photo and detail
  • Apple TV compatible
  • Upload logos, ads, videos

The Sport Testing advantage of real-time results processing enables live Scoreboards. These add excitement for spectators and participants, create more advertising and sponsorship opportunities and raise the level of competition while delivering a more professional combine experience.

The Scoreboard provides space for static ads, logos or videos, banner inserts, top scores by drill, combine summary screens, athlete photos and more.

Athlete Manager

Athlete Manager™ is the software solution that helps you to easily organize, record, and analyses athletic test information for research, training, and performance evaluations. Your secure online account gives you 24/7 access to Global Standard testing, custom test creation, athlete and event management and a variety of useful reports for yourself, coaches and athletes.

User-friendly test creation and data tools put you at the cutting-edge of athlete evaluations:

Reliable collection and analysis of data

  • Configure test protocols for consistent data collection
  • Easily organize athlete, test and data inputs
  • Comparison graphs and tracking features bring data to life
  • Monitor and motivate performance improvements
  • Upload past data for standardized athlete comparisons

Secure, accessible, one-stop data management and lifetime storage

  • Access your password protected account from any internet device
  • Provide athletes with personalized Athlete Lounge accounts
  • Guard against computer theft and loss of data
  • Import/export past and future data

Athlete Manager™ syncs with Sport Hub™ for the seamless reporting and monitoring solution that will save you many hours of managing your data, while delivering powerful analytics tools and easy one-stop access to your growing database.

Athlete Lounge

Every athlete you test will be given a free online private player’s account. With a push of a button after a combine, you can send results to the entire list of participating athletes through automated logins that grant them exclusive access to their password protected account. There they can review their results, upload stats and game video, connect with other athletes and compare themselves to peers, pros and against their own athletic test results over time.