Why test?

Test so you know how you can be the best. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using unbiased data, not guesswork.

How Often?

Testing should be done as often as possible depending on the sport season. At least one testing session every three months is the ideal frequency required to properly track an athlete’s progression.

For What?

We can test an athlete’s abilities in all aspects of any sport. We measure speed, agility, endurance and accuracy in any combination thereof up to the highest level. The possibilities are truly limitless.


The increasing reliance on analytics and testing in sports, has created a high demand for quantitative information that compliments qualitative observations. Sport Testing’s equipment and database has helped us answer that demand and exceed the expectations of coaches, parents and athletes. The accuracy and efficiency of the equipment coupled with the highly populated database of testing results has truly allowed us to become the testing solution out West.
Dan Waschuk - Competitive Thread
The partnership between the Western Hockey League, Okanagan Hockey and Sport Testing has been integral to the success of the WHL Combines program. The technology provided by Sport Testing has helped the WHL conduct standardized testing for WHL prospects across Western Canada and the Western United States, empowering athletes with tangible test results which will help their development as a hockey player.
Kirt Hill - WHL
Sport Testing has provided my company with the glue to piece all of the puzzle together. I am now able to offer unique skill tests, specific to the needs of each player, and provide a valuable report of how they match up against players across the country. The ability to capture all of the data in an accurate, indisputable manner and show it on-site provides an atmosphere that athletes of all ages enjoy. The state-of-the-art equipment, software and support is one of a kind and allows companies like myself to differentiate from others. The growth of Stars and Stripes Sports is heavily centered on the relationship with Sport Testing, their process and technology and the ability to produce results like no one else can.
Kelly Ahrens, President - Stars and Stripes
This past year the WHL in partnership with the Okanagan Hockey Group Inc. and Sport Testing launched the WHL Combine testing program.  In a very short period of time the data and testing information that we have been able to collect has proved to be invaluable not only for the teams in identifying & evaluating prospects, but as a development tool for the players and their families.  The Coach’s Report and comparable data the athletes have access to after attending a WHL Combine is easy to understand and apply to their everyday training programs as they strive to play at the highest level.
Mike Gerrits, WHL Combine Manager